After watching, researching and being fascinated by this enchanting breed over a number of years we took the plunge and in 2007 Rapunzel came to join our family, she was so small and cute, but what a character!

I was very fortunate to be able to import Atty and Rumba from Lynne Zubrzycki a very respected and successful breeder in Canada. They flew into Heathrow airport in Dec 08. Atty was already a Canadian Champion – quite an achievement for a puppy, however most importantly they were absolutely stunning with outgoing temperaments and soon everyone who met them were intrigued by these special little toy dogs.


Atti and I



Through my years of experience in dogs (I began as a child training my poodle in obedience), it has taught me only to breed from healthy and happy dogs who are fed naturally and kept fit – always with a wagging tail